Ecce Homo: What is a Man? Luke 10:41

What is a man? What is Masculinity? What is its purpose? Talk for Baylor Catholic students at St. Peter Catholic Student Center in Waco, TX
  1. Ecce Homo: What is a Man?
  2. Sacrifice, Lambs, and Offerings (Fr. Will Rooney – January 15, 2023)
  3. Adore Jesus: The Answer to Your Restless Heart
  4. Reveal Jesus – Epiphany Homily – Fr. Brian
  5. The Greatest Story Ever – Christmas Day 2022 – Fr. Will

Thanks to Fr. James Swift, CM my rector from Holy Trinity Seminary for teaching me the origin of the term “hobo.” My friend Br. Elijah Dubek was also inspired by Fr. Jim.

Two hobos walking along railroad tracks, after being put off a train. One carries a bindle.

Questions to Ponder:

  1. Do you long for heaven? How do you actively seek the kingdom of heaven?
  2. What are the sources of aniexty in your life? How do you these things take away your peace?
  3. What can you do to remind yourself each day that you are made for heaven?

Readings from the EF

Published by Fr. Will Rooney

Fr. Will Rooney was baptized at St. Anthony’s Parish in Bryan, TX where his parents had been married. He has two younger brothers, David and Travis. Will received his First Communion at St. Anthony’s and around that time began to think about becoming a priest. Will was confirmed at St. Thomas Aquinas in May 2006. During high school, he actively participated in the parish youth group and was involved in robotics competitions. He and his brothers also raised poultry for 4-H and FFA projects. Upon graduation from A&M Consolidated High School in 2009, Will studied Biological and Agricultural Engineering at Texas A&M University. While at A&M, he worked as a Middle School youth minister and felt a growing desire toward the priesthood. In his senior year at A&M, he decided to apply for seminary, was accepted, and began attending Holy Trinity Seminary for pre-theology after he graduated. Two years later, Will was sent to St. Mary’s Seminary in Houston for theological studies. He served his pastoral year at St. Louis, King of France, Catholic Church and School in Austin (2017-2018). He was ordained to the Diaconate May 18, 2019, and served his deacon year at Our Lady of the Visitation in Lockhart, TX. He was ordained to the priesthood June 27, 2020 currently ministers at St. Mary Cathedral in Austin.

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