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To be disregarded or despised is a painful experience for us human beings. Have you considered that God, in creating free persons, opened himself to being despised and disregarded? From the beginning, he opened himself to the possibility of being despised and disregarded. The Cross is God’s answer to this. It comes down to this: will let him love us? Will we accept his gift or spurn it? He loves you. Will you disregard him, despise him, or will you receive him and be saved?

Know Jesus – Second Sunday of Advent 2022 Luke 10:41

The question used to be about getting information, but now it is much more a question of how to get the true information. Because we have so many sources of information being thrown at us, we are often overloaded and we cannot distinguish signal from noise, truth from fiction. Signal is information that matters, that helps you achieve the goals, and that allows you flourish because it allows the mind’s conformity with reality. It bears good fruit in your life. Noise is at best just trash, and at worst something that does the opposite. It leads you away from the goal. It does not bear good fruit. But though the noise is on an unprecedented scale; this is not a new problem. For as long as human history discerning which voices to listen to, which things to pay attention to has been a challenge. John like all the prophets before him helps those around him to see reality as it really is. To distinguish the noise from the signal. But he is the greatest of all the prophets because he himself will literally point out the light from light. The one who is truth himself. John helps us realize that we not only have to meet Jesus, but we need to know him. To meet him and to know him are linked. As people who have meet this man Jesus we want to grow in knowledge of him. We want to know who he is (God), what he did (his life, death, and resurrection), how he continues to act today (the Church), and what our response (prayer, love, and following him). John goes to the wilderness. He eats the same food over and over again, and wears simple clothing. Why? Because he knows that in order to encounter and learn about God he must cut the noise from his life. Friends do you have silence in your life? It is difficult to find it. But how can you find some silence? How can you develop a habit of silence? Study is the opposite of vain curiosity – it seeks to gain knowledge and wisdom not just information. It asks big questions and goes deep into topic or person at hand. It uses the best resources. So here’s the challenge – set aside time this week to read one of the Gospels. And ask questions: in the silence ask Jesus to teach you to know who he is so you can love him more and see reality as it really is.
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Published by Fr. Will Rooney

Fr. Will Rooney was baptized at St. Anthony’s Parish in Bryan, TX where his parents had been married. He has two younger brothers, David and Travis. Will received his First Communion at St. Anthony’s and around that time began to think about becoming a priest. Will was confirmed at St. Thomas Aquinas in May 2006. During high school, he actively participated in the parish youth group and was involved in robotics competitions. He and his brothers also raised poultry for 4-H and FFA projects. Upon graduation from A&M Consolidated High School in 2009, Will studied Biological and Agricultural Engineering at Texas A&M University. While at A&M, he worked as a Middle School youth minister and felt a growing desire toward the priesthood. In his senior year at A&M, he decided to apply for seminary, was accepted, and began attending Holy Trinity Seminary for pre-theology after he graduated. Two years later, Will was sent to St. Mary’s Seminary in Houston for theological studies. He served his pastoral year at St. Louis, King of France, Catholic Church and School in Austin (2017-2018). He was ordained to the Diaconate May 18, 2019, and served his deacon year at Our Lady of the Visitation in Lockhart, TX. He was ordained to the priesthood June 27, 2020 currently ministers at St. Mary Cathedral in Austin.

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  1. Good morning Father Will. I appreciate your homilies very much. You continue to educate me on God’s word. Thank you and God bless you. Oliver says hello.


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